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My NEW BOOK will be coming out this fall. It is called THE PARABLES OF SUNLIGHT, and is a memoir of my middle years and is loaded with stories about animals!!

PODCAST AVAILABILITY The offerings from Listen Well are now available on your Phones and other devises on most podcast apps.

You can search for the podcast by typing in Listen Well (don't forget the space between words). 

 LISTEN WELL has a facebook page where some news and photos of the woods will occasionally pop up. 

PARABOLA Quarterly has published an excerpt from To Hear The Forest Sing in their winter issue!

Please read The Anonymous Ones



 Free Downloads of Music!! One piece of big news is that you can download some of Matt Balitsaris's music on the Audio Archive music page. Go to Audio archive and click on the dropdown menu. Chick music. Voila! All is free!!


This newsy page is where you will learn about book readings, talks, plays and find links to published articles.

If you would like to schedule Margaret for a reading of some of her essays, please use the contact page on this site.

Please visit YouTube for a glimpse of one of Margaret's talks.


Many of you have asked whether it would be possible to order a print of the image of the owl and the girl that is displayed on the home page of this site. The painting is one of Margaret's grandmother's. Her name was Jane Morton Norton, and she lived all of her life in Louisville Kentucky. When she was in her thirties she had a near-death experience, and from that time until she died, she studied the writings of Rudolf Steiner. Her paintings were quite mystical, and the owl and the girl was one in a series of paintings where she would add layers and layers of thin paint to the canvas, over a period of days, allowing the images to reveal themselves. The painting is now available as a print. Please contact Encore Editions in Ottsville,PA, by clicking the link below:                                         

To Hear The Forest Sing



Also available! It is now possible to order a print of Jane Morton Norton's painting Margaret and the Puffins. 

Click the here: Puffins