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Margaret Dulaney


Margaret Dulaney, founder of Listen Well, has pursued a life-long interest in spiritual writing that attempts to break the barriers of strict religious thinking (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hafiz, George MacDonald, Emanuel Swedenborg).
Her essays can be found in various journals, including Cezanne’s Carrot, Read the Spirit, Day 1 and Big Muddy. Margaret's essays are edited by Aina Barten, who worked for many years as an editor with Orion Magazine.

Margaret's writing can be further explored by visiting www.margaretdulaney.com

You can contact Margaret by writing margaretlisten@gmail.com

Or visit the Listen Well facebook page for comments Listen Well @ Facebook

Watch a video of Margaret's talk at the Center for Contemporary Mysticism


Sophy Burnham

Sophy Burnham

Best Selling Author
 Sophy Burnham has written award-winning work for both 
children and adults - novels, plays, films,
 essays and non-fiction books. Best known for her ground-breaking work on angels and mysticism. Her works have been translated into twenty languages.

Sophy now has a blog. Please visit http://sophywisdom.wordpress.com

For further exploration of Sophy's writing, please visit www.sophyburnham.com

Hayden Saunier

Hayden Saunier

Hayden Saunier is the author of Tips for Domestic Travel and a chapbook, Field Trip to the Underworld, which won the 2012 Keystone Award. Her work has appeared widely in journals and periodicals and has been awarded the 2011 Pablo Neruda Prize, the 2011 Rattle Poetry Prize and the 2005 Robert Fraser Award for Poetry. She grew up in Charlotesville, Virginia, and lives with her family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Please visit www.haydensaunier.com for links to Hayden's writing.

David Whyte

David Whyte

Poet David Whyte grew up with a strong, imaginative influence from his Irish mother among the hills and valleys of his father's Yorkshire. The author of six books of poetry and three books of prose, he holds a degree in Marine Zoology and has traveled extensively, including living and working as a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands and leading anthropological and natural history expeditions in the Andes the Amazon and the Himalaya. He now makes his home, with his family, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

For more information please visit www.davidwhyte.com

Glenn Harrington

The paintings of Glenn Harrington are recognized and collected internationally and have been featured in such publications as American Arts Quarterly, American Art Collector, International Artists Magazine, the covers of American Artist & US Art, New Art International, The New York Times, and Philadelphia Inquirer. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in New York, Japan, Charleston, South Carolina and Pennsylvania, and has exhibited at the Norman Rockwell Museum, The Museum of American Illustration and the USGA Museum. His painting is on the home page. Please view his work at www.glennharrington.com


Fonkoze is Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. They are the largest micro-financing institution offering a full range of financial services to the rural-based poor in Haiti. Fonkoze is committed to the economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti and to the reduction of poverty in the country. Please visit them at www.fonkoze.org

Jane Morton Norton

Jane Morton Norton

The image of the Owl and the girl on the current Offering page was painted by Margaret's Grandmother Jane Norton (1908 to 1988). Jane began painting at age eleven and painted all of her life. She lived in Louisville Kentucky and tended mostly to give her paintings to family and friends. Jane studied the writings of Rudolf Steiner for much of her life, and was greatly influenced by his mystical view of the world, which is reflected in her intuitive work as an artist. Many have enquired whether there might be prints of the painting of the Owl and the Girl. Unfortunately, there are no copies of this image currently available. Jane would be thrilled with the attention that the painting has received.