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      Margaret's New Book, The Parables of Sunlight is now available for pre-purchase!

      A memoir, taken from her middle years, of a neglected farm, an abandoned and injured horse, and the innate resiliency of hope.


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Margaret's first book To Hear the Forest Sing is also available.

The book is a collection of writings gathered over a decade on the subject of the divine.

Some of the stories have been featured on the Listen Well site and some

have never been recorded. 


Storytelling that is shiny-new, optimistic, and mysterious! Author Sophy Burnham


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        To Hear The Forest Sing

"The writings in this collection are a result of

a quarter of a century of morning walks in the woods with my dogs,

just under a half a century of literary exploration of the wisdom of the world religions,

and a lifetime’s hunger for God."

                                                                                     Margaret Dulaney



A storyteller at heart, Dulaney writes with grace, and it doesn’t take many pages to feel you’re in conversation with a true and honest friend … one who unflinchingly bares her stumbles. It’s clear you’re in the presence of a lively mind, one filled with the epiphanies of an awakening soul. 

Chicago Tribune


Leaves readers wondering whether the world truly is full of endless spiritual possibilities. 




The Hummingbird's Tour

The Hummingbird's Tour, Margaret's play about three aging siblings who are thrown into a comic frenzy by an unexpected guest bearing disquieting mystical predictions, is now available for purchase as well. Please visit AMAZON or Barnes and Noble for a copy.

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